Facebook is not going to break up and re-sell WhatsApp & Instagram anytime soon

It’s up to the user’s to defend for themselves, you are at their mercy when fighting for privacy on a platform that lives by selling your data. Breaking up? - a silo like Facebook unfortunately controls our social relations. Facebook hacks into our social life: emotions, the fun moments we share & with our friends and family is associated with Facebook. It gets harder to leave such a platform, where you’ll miss out [FOMO] unless you get others to join you to use alternate platforms.

That being said — you’ve got to step-foot and take charge of your own digital-life. If you don’t, it’ll only go downhill. The more you use Facebook, the harder it gets to quit.

Deep-rooted in our vocabulary

If you’re Indian: you’ve probably heard these things quite often and can relate to it

  • At a party?—“Cool, what’s your Insta? I’ll tag you”
  • “What’s your WhatsApp number?”—No one cares about phone numbers any more. Some people think: I possibly gave them the wrong number because they couldn’t find my number on WhatsApp.
  • “I’ll add you to the school group”—by group they mean a WhatsApp group, where you need to signup for WhatsApp with a phone-number to read messages/updates, regular members are not allowed to post/reply to messages: only the admin can, because.. it’s.. uh.. WhatsApp.
  • Some schools force children to use Facebook (WhatsApp) and everyone just assumes you’re in that school-group, where the teacher posts updates. Our generation has skipped email-chains and notice boards.

Facebook’s true customers

You’d be surprised to know that we aren’t Facebook’s true users. Facebook like Google, is an advertising company. Have you ever met a Facebook user who’s paid for their account? That’d be bizarre.

The advertiser is the true customer: whom they sell user-attention

How are they so good at it? It’s because they collect an exorbitant amount of user-data, including analytics, cursor movements, run social experiments to improve their algortihms. Their real goal is to make you spend more time watching ads on the platform, and improve ad-click through rates!

I’m Deleting my Facebook account today: including WhatsApp & Instagram – the 2 apps owned by Facebook

Why?—Privacy matters, Facebook will always be an advertising company who profits off our data. I want to use better platforms, not based off of mining user-data for ads.

To friends and family reading this article:

“I do not consent to anyone sharing my photos, texts & data with Facebook anymore. I am deleting my Facebook accounts including ‘WhatsApp and Instagram’ Please purge our chats if you can or assume Facebook will keep it forever. Treat all our previous-chats as ‘public domain’. Read more at: and where you can find me”

This was the message I sent out to friends and family a week before deleting my accounts.

Instagram profile

Before I made the switch I’ll admit I was addicted, juggling between Instagram and WhatsApp.

One reason: DMs the reason I tried Instagram in the first place, I didn’t have a phone number and used it as a replacement for WhatsApp. I could text anyone just by logging in on my friend’s phone in school and go home and continue the chat. 2018-19 was pretty cool!

The cringy catchphrase the naive 13 year old me bought into — ‘Dude just download it, cuz everyone’s using it’


5th of April. I type

It leads me to the ‘Delete my Facebook account’, there was a lot of tiny-font-text and other legal jargon that you’d have to read which makes it hard to export your data. I also tried to cleanup some old posts that I made just in case Facebook doesn’t really purge my data.

Infact, you can not instantly delete your account. Pretty zucc wants to lock me in for 30 more days. I made use of those 30 days: I posted Instagram/WhatsApp Stories and setting up auto-reply in the WhatsApp Business app with a link to this blog post: and a goodbye message.

I uploaded a short-video on YouTube just for fun! to say that I’m no longer zucc’d ๐ŸฆŽ

Find me on better, federated social-networks

“Not f’d โ€” you won’t find me on Facebook

UPD: Here’s a chronological timeline of recent Facebook mishaps that I started logging after I deleted my Facebook account.