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Green Chemistry focuses on : • Reduction, recycling and/or eliminating toxic substances • Finding creative, alternative routes to minimize impact on the environment • More eco-friendly green alternative toconventional chemistry practices • Provides sustainable development, sustainable business and sustainable living practices

Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry

12 principles of greenchem

  1. Prevent Waste :
  1. Atom Economy: Synthetic methods should be

Atom Economy in a Substitution Reaction - moderate Atom Economy in Elimination Reactions - low Atom Economy in Addition Reactions -100% Atom Economy in Rearrangement Reactions -100%

For a green synthesis atom economy must be maximum (100%)

  1. Safer Synthesis:
  1. Safe Products : Chemical products should be designed
  1. Design Benign Chemicals :
  1. Design for Energy efficiency :

Chemical processes are to be designed in such a way that they are less energy intensive

For this purpose it is worthwhile to utilize

  1. Use of renewable feedstock :
  1. Reduce Derivatives:
  1. Catalysis:

Unlike stiochiometric reactions which are energy intensive require excessive reagents

  1. Design for Degradation :
  1. Pollution Prevention :
  1. Accident Prevention :

Green chemistry is a set of principles which emphasises on